Commitment • Experience • Integrity

Berkeley is a great city and it can be greater if we have the courage to make change happen. As your Councilmember I would be a leader with you in that change.

  • Commitment: My vision of Berkeley is that it becomes a City that is truly diverse; represented in all levels of government; welcoming of all cultures and that we continue to be leaders in protecting our environment. I stand for equity in many areas that affect our community - in housing, job opportunities, and services.  In that regard, I will advocate for city-wide free wifi so access to the internet and technology advances is easier for everyone regardless of economic status. I will seek, fight for and implement solutions to our community's housing needs. I will improve infrastructure needs, such as road and sidewalk conditions, and promote a thriving small business environment.
  • Experience: I am a lifelong community organizer and fighter for social justice. As a lesbian and an immigrant I have had to fight for my  rights and the rights of others my entire life.
    My experience as a small business owner for over 20 years has shaped me into a broker of ideas and an originator of projects. I bring a unique perspective as an advocate for the merchants and small businesses on Telegraph Avenue.
    I have lived in Berkeley - right here in Disrict 7 for over 18 years. I co-created a co-housing community with my wife and our friends - a living example of an innovative approach to home ownership and neighborhood stability - built on our ability to compromise and create solutions. I am a good listener and I deliver.
  • Integrity: I am driven to run for this seat. I want to give back and I have a lot to offer:  Now is the time to take charge and steer our way towards solutions that improve our community. I will champion community safety, reduce crime, and work with law enforcement agencies to assist victims in reporting sexual violence. I will provide an independent, diverse and courageous voice for District 7. A vote for me means a vote for safer neighborhoods, a thriving small business environment and a better quality of life for our community.